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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  March 12, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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voting in silence. >> the secrecy is what's happening between the cardinal and god a little piece of paper in the table in latin, i elect as supreme pontiff -- and they are to write the name and they are told to disguise their writing, too. >> reporter: it's not just smoke from a chimney on the roof of the sistine chapel will announce when a pope has been selected. there will be bells and there's a website offering to send test messages but because of so many requests, the site is shut down. the cardinals assisted at mass this morning at the basilica. they are expected to vote just once today and up to four times a day until one cardinal receives 77 votes. security is beefed you have in st. peter's square where thousands will gather to see the new pope introduced to the world. security is beefed up in st. peter's square. during the conclave the cardinals don't talk to each other but they speak to each
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other at meals and in sleeping quarters. live in vatican city, randall pinkston, back to you. >> thank you. the cardinals won't vote again today. >> allen pizzey takes us inside the sistine chapel to explain how the ballot process works. >> reporter: voting is a three- stage process. >> one would be [ indiscernible ] filling out the ballots, the second is the voting and the third is to take it up and to place one's vote individually in a golden chalice on the altar and then we go back to our seats. >> reporter: is it true you disguise your handwriting so no one will know who you vote for? >> don't think about that. it's a myth as far as i know. >> reporter: votes are cast in front of michelangelo's fresco of the last judgment an elaborate time-consuming process. three cardinals count, three others check the count. ballots and notes are burned in a special stove, a second stove using chemicals to produce black smoke if no pope is
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elected and white smoke when there's a winner. allen pizzey, cbs news, vatican city. >> until a decade ago, the cardinals slept on cots in the sistine chapel during the conclave. now they stay in a residence hall about 300 yards away. and the cardinals swear an oath of secrecy, give up cell phones, computers and any other forms of recording devices. >> and the sistine chapel itself has been swept for bugging devices and electronic jamming equipment ensures no one in or outside knows the result before it's ready to be announced. catholics here in san francisco held a special mass this morning to market beginning of the conclave. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran found out what they are expecting and hoping to see for the future of the catholic church. >> exciting to have somebody new and fresh and to see which direction they are going to take us. >> i'm so excited. it's such a wonderful time to be a catholic. >> reporter: the selection process has begun and bay area
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catholics are celebrating. ♪ [ music ]♪ >> reporter: this morning, san francisco's archbishop salvatore cordileone said mass in honor of the start of the conclave. he shared the challenges the new pope will have to face. >> to understand how to support the growth of the church know those areas where christianity is newer and seems to be more vibrant and growing while we try to reevangelize parts of the world where christianity is established. >> reporter: dozens of parishioners attended the special mass to show support for for this historic moment. >> i think it's a real opportunity for the church to have a new period of growth and renewal and focus on what pope benedict started initiative called the new evangelization, meaning renewing the life of the gospel within each one of us. >> reporter: a new cbs news poll says catholics were looking for a change.
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>> don't you think it's time already that we might have a latin, always from italy, uhm, from europeans. so i think it's time already. >> reporter: the selection process one parishioners in saint mary's have a strong faith in. cordileone says it won't be easy. >> obviously the pope needs to be a man of deep faith and prayer, a good communicator, someone who is also good administrator and will be able to connect well with people. it's a lot of qualities that are hard to find in one person. >> reporter: the new poll also found that the majority of catholics surveyed were looking for a pope who was younger and with fresh ideas versus age and experience. in san francisco, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> thank you. although it's not for certain, experts say we will likely have a new pope before friday. the longest conclave held since the turn of the 20th century
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was about five days. kpix 5 of course has continuing coverage of the change at the vatican. all you have to do is go to a bay area teacher is behind bars in santa clara county. 59-year-old deborah grass is charged with child endangerment. she is accused of putting over- the-counter sleep aids in students' drinks at a kiddie academy child care facility in morgan hilt. investigators say a witness saw gratz put the substance in the cup. she was fired and the school called police. more shocking allegations of abuse at a christian preschool in pleasanton. a teach allegedly bound a 2- year-old girl with tape. as kpix 5 reporter elissa harrington tells us, the incident is now being investigated by police. >> we are devastated and shocked. >> reporter: the church is shocked over the alleged punishment of a 2-year-old girl who refused nap time. a former teacher at the preschool is accused of using
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masking tape to wrap the child's wrists and ankles. the school is cited and police have launched a criminal investigation. >> children are made in the image of god and deserve to be fully respected and this is a dehumanizing incident that we are greatly grieved over. >> reporter: the alleged violation could have happened months ago because the teacher involved resigned earlier this year. the reason we're hearing about this now, a photo. the teacher shared a cell phone picture with some former colleagues of the girl taped up and sitting on a cot. one of those former colleagues, the girl's mother. she called police. the school notified parents of the investigation over the weekend and today a steady stream of cars and concerned parents dropped their children off at school. >> i feel for the child and the parents to go through this. it's embarrassing. >> i think this is a good lesson to all the teachers, parents and schools and community. >> reporter: sherri wang's daughter is 5. she chose center point christian preschool
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because of its christian values. she says she is disappointed but will continue to support the school if staff come up with a plan to protect students in the future. >> i think about leaving and i always think about other parents, what we can do to help the school to build the school. the school needs supports too. >> reporter: tonight there will be a meeting with parents only and starting friday preschool classes will be stopped for five days for training and review for the staff. in pleasanton, elissa harrington, kpix 5. >> the school is cooperating with the police investigation. so far, no charges have been filed. a strike is looming for the san francisco symphony. musicians are in contract talks with the symphony and aid federal mediator now. they say their pay is below that of peers at other major orchestras in other big cities like chicago and l.a. but management says they are among the highest paid in the country. we'll have the latest on today's talks at 5:00 and 6:00. still ahead, american seniors are falling for it at
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an alarming rate. >> just convinced me. >> up next, a scam that's robbing tens of millions out of people each year. >> and tossing and turning could be more than just a restless night. what sleep problems can tell you about your future and your memory loss. coming up. >> hi, i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the kpix 5 weather center. -- at spring valley science school in san francisco. talking a little weather and yeah, loving this sunshine. how long will it stick around? we'll talk about that coming up.
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one of the biggest federal officials say jamaican lottery schemes are growing at an alarming rate. >> it is one of the biggest scams tarting seniors in the united states -- targeting
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seniors in the united states. jeff glor uncovered new information by going to the source. >> reporter: it sounds like a dream call. >> your name was elected to win $2.5 million. >> reporter: then comes the catch. >> you need to send money. >> reporter: it's the jamaican lottery scam. scammers in jamaica obtain lists of older americans' names and numbers. they then call the seniors, usually pretending to be with an american sweepstakes company telling them they have won money. to get the prize, however, they first have to pay a fee. >> we have seen checks, we've seen postal money orders, we've seen prepaid wire cards. >> reporter: tony gomez heads the u.s. postal inspection service in miami. on the day we visited, they intercepted this package, bound for jamaica with $9,000 in cash inside. victims are falling for it because scammers seem to know exactly what to say. and it works. complaints from across the country to the federal trade commission about this scam
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jumped from 1800 in 2007 to almost 30,000 in 2012. far more go unreported. in maryland, we met 79-year-old dorothy who last year was struggling to pay her family's hospital bills when she received a call. >> 8 point something million dollars plus i don't know how much in cash. >> reporter: what made you believe them? >> maybe i wanted down deep to prove to my family that i could do something for them. i could help them. and he just sounded so convincing. >> reporter: over 7 months, dorothy was scammed out of $30,000. an aarp representative says the scam starts with charm but turns threatening. >> they are relentless. they will call 50 times a day 300 times a week until you give in. the thing that's most worrisome to me is these are the most vulnerable people we have, they are 75 to 80-year-old seniors, who are scared to death by
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these guys. >> i didn't want anybody else hurt. guts enough to steal money from me and i was foolish enough to do it. pray that someday god will forgive me. [ crying ] >> u.s. officials have teamed up with jamaican authorities to investigate the lottery scam. a senate hearing on the issue is scheduled in washington tomorrow. >> and if you would like more on the report, log on to our coming up, it kills thousands of women each year. but experts say it doesn't have to. what a new study shows about ovarian cancer and why the vast majority of women aren't getting the proper treatment.
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we are at spring valley science school in san francisco. we have brought out our mobile weather lab. and we have been talking weather all morning. a gorgeous day today and i'm joined by a great bunch of first graders here. and i wanted to ask you, what is your name? >> genelle. >> beautiful name. genelle, what do you like about the weather? do you like sun ar rain? what's your favorite kind of weather? >> snowy. >> we have to get you up into the mountains then. does that sound like fun? >> yes. >> do you like our mobile weather lab? >> yes. >> yeah. it's kind of interesting to
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come in here and see it. these folks have been so nice all morning long to come down and listen to the story and really talk and learn about the weather and it's been a great time to do. what do you think about our mobile weather lab? >> it's good. >> it is good. do you want to come chase a storm with me? >> yeah! >> that would be fun, huh. >> yeah. >> what is your favorite kind of weather? >> i like the -- [ pause ] >> the snow. and -- and -- >> all kinds of weather makes it kind of fun the lightning. what's your name, sir? >> jordan. >> and jordan, what do you like about the weather? >> i like it how it changes seasons. >> it makes it really nice when we have a change of seasons. we are kind of switching gears,er. >> , actually starting to feel a whole lot like spring outside. high pressure is building overhead. the temperatures are warming up. we started with thick fog and had numbers in the 50s and the
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60s now. so beginning to see those temperatures starting to warm up around the bay area. but we're in for a great afternoon as high pressure builds in overhead. these temperatures are going to be running well above the average. in fact, expecting some of these temperatures may be 11 degrees above average today and maybe even warmer tomorrow. high pressure building in. that's going to et is the stage for warmer weather not just for today but into tomorrow. the weather looking good the next couple days. around the bay area today, we'll find some mid-70s in some of the south bay valleys. east bay also expecting some of those temperatures up into the mid-70s as well and then inside the bay maybe a little cooler right here at this school. but still some very nice weather with plenty of sunshine outside. looking good. overnight tonight we'll see overnight lows in the 40s and 50s. we may see a little fog once again. but it looks like it's going to be gorgeous. next couple of days some of the temperatures getting near 80 degrees. but i'm glad to be here at this wonderful school spring valley science school in san
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francisco. everybody, wave to the camera! everybody wave! there you go! all right. that's the latest from here, guys. the mobile weather lab coming to a school near you. >> they're waiting for snow, lawrence. >> i know. [ laughter ] >> snow in the bay area. all right. lawrence, thanks so much. well, in today's healthwatch, a new study shows a serious problem across the country, not enough women are getting the care they need to treat ovarian cancer, only a little more than a third of patients diagnosed with the deadly disease are treated by an expert with the right tools to fight it. researchers say more women need to see specialists to get better care. sleep problems may be an early indication of alzheimer's disease. researchers at washington university analyzed the nighttime patterns of 145 volunteers, participants with early markers for alzheimer's disease were the least efficient sleepers and took the most naps. those results will lead to new research on whether treating sleep disorders can help head off alzheimer's disease. fresh grocer tony tantillo
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is in the kitchen with his daughter today with stephanie tantillo's takes on portobello mushrooms. >> reporter: well, today i told stephanie to make me some nice portobello because they have great value in the market. >> we have this in olive oil with garlic, salt and pepper and sauteed it a little bit to soften it and threw in some water so all the steam came up and then capped it. it will get really soft and nice. >> and the garlic is turning a beautiful color and we also sauted this in the white pan, white onions and red pepper oil. >> there is a lot of flavor in the mushroom. it's really soft. >> that's what you want, nice and soft and tender. let's plate this and finish this up. >> arugula and white onions all in the same pan. makes for less dishes. >> cool looking. >> a little bit of tomato.
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>> yup. then we are going to finish it off with balsamic reduction. looks so good.
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potentially deadly heart problem that and more at 5:00. and another vote at the vatican is not expected today. but if it does, keep it here on kpix 5 for instant updates. 5600 journalists are there as well as tens of thousands of people camped out at st. peter's square watching the sistine chapel for more signs of smoke. about 40 minutes ago, a plume of black smoke was seen, meaning there is no new pope yet. they are sequestered. they are staying i believe about 300 yards away from the sistine chapel. >> and they used to stay on cots inside of the chapel but no longer. they now stay as you said a few yards away on beds comfortably. >> and the longest time between the first vote and the last vote i believe it was five days in the 20th century dating back that far. so we may have a pope soon. >> we are so interested in this because this is history right here before our eyes and we not
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only are -- not only are they electing the pope but this is the first time had 600 years that a pope has abdicated so now there will be two popes. we'll keep our eye on the sistine chapel and we'll keep you updated all day long. >> that's it for kpix 5. see you at 5:00 and 6:00.
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>> rick: [ clears throat ] [ sniffs ] >> maya: good morning. >> rick: morning. >> maya: stiff neck? i can get you a pillow. >> rick: no, no. it's just -- wow, it's kind of bright in here. >> maya: curtains are on my to-do list. >> rick: what are you doing? >> maya: my hair. >> rick: are we going somewhere? >> maya: i had a gentleman spend the night on my sofa. i want to look decent when he gets up. >> rick: is this a dream? the way you look... the way you look is... i smell coffee. >> maya: yeah. heavenly, isn't it? [ inhales deeply ] it's from dayzee's downstairs. i have my grandmother's drip. we'll have coffee in a few minutes.
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oh, yeah. this would be a good time to get your pants back on. >> rick: [ chuckles ] >> pam: ah. whose side of the desk is that on? >> donna: sorry, pammy. i was just trying to be helpful. >> pam: well, "good fences make good neighbors." robert frost. >> donna: ah. >> pam: please tell me you know who robert frost is. >> donna: the guy in the christmas song nipping at your nose. [ footsteps approaching ] >> pam: hi. >> caroline: hi. where's rick? >> pam: he's probably in his office. >> caroline: no, i tried calling there. is he in there with eric? >> donna: no. eric's in a meeting. >> caroline: did rick tell you to tell me that? >> donna: no. rick isn't here. why would i lie? >> pam: actually, she would. but i wouldn't. he's not in there. >> caroline: [ inhales sharply ] >> carter: "from the couture collection of world-famous forrester creations, this is


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